The New Hampshire State Referee Committee (NHSRC), in conjunction with U.S. Soccer, is committed to producing a variety of referee education resources aimed at supporting the approximate 600 members across the state that service amateur games at the youth and adult levels.

In addition to supporting development within the State, the NHSRC also focuses on identifying officials with the potential to succeed at regional and national events for identification to the professional and international level. To further these efforts, the NHSRC assigns a network of highly qualified staff to various events and league matches to identify the program’s up-and-coming and top performing officials.

Per U.S. Soccer, officials must be a minimum age of 13 years old in order to register to become a certified grassroots referee.

In addition to the normal course work, any referee who is age 18 or older, or will turn 18 during that registration year, must also complete the following:

  • Background Screening (every two years)
  • SafeSport training (every year)

If requirements expire or you turn 18, you will receive a license suspension email from US Soccer.