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Instruction and Licensing

When are New Grassroots Referee Courses offered?

New Grassroots Referee classes are offered during the “offseason” which is January through early April (signups available starting in December) and mid-July through August only (signups available starting in June). 

When are recertification courses offered?

Recertification courses for Grassroots Referees are offered December through March only.  After the last course in March, it will not be possible to recertify for the current year.  Signups for recertification courses will be available in November.

If I will be 13 shortly after the course, can I still register for the Grassroots Referee course?

No.  US Soccer policy requires that one must be at least 13 to create a profile in the Learning Center.  In fact, if one will be 13 by the In-Person course but is not yet 13, the individual will not be able to create a profile and register for the In-Person course until turning 13.  The NH SRC is unable to waive this requirement.

What if I mistakenly entered information wrong when creating a profile in the Learning Center?

If you entered a name or birthday incorrectly, you need to contact US Soccer directly to fix the mistake at  Any other information you should be able to edit in your profile.

Can I change which In-Person course I want to attend?

Yes, contact the SDI ( and make sure to clearly indicate the referee’s name, the current course (including town and date) and the course to which you want to attend (including town and date).

What must I complete prior to the In-Person course?

Ideally you should complete all requirements so you can receive your badge at the end of the course (exception of summer New Grassroots Referees which will have badges mailed to them in September or October once they are received).  If you are 18 or over, you MUST have completed the background check prior to the In-Person course or you will not be allowed to attend (this is national policy).

How often must I recertify?

You must attend a recertification clinic every year to referee.  SafeSport and Background checks must be renewed every two years.

If I am not yet 18, but will turn 18 during the registration year, do I need to do anything?

Yes.  You will have 45 days from when you turn 18 to complete SafeSport and the Background Check to keep your license active.  If you do not do this, your license will be suspended until you do.

If I did not recertify in the spring, can I still recertify to referee the fall season?

No.  The NH SRC runs In-Person certification classes December through March.  After that time, it is no longer possible to recertify for the current calendar year.  However, one is able to take the full New Grassroots Referee class at additional cost and time during the summer months if the individual wants to recertify for the fall.


How do I get my badge if I did not receive it at an In-Person course?

If you did not complete all requirements prior to an In-Person course, please plan to attend the course.  However, you may not receive your badge at the course. You will need to complete the online requirements before you can be licensed as a referee.  Once you complete all the online requirements, complete this Badge Request Form and send and self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address:

NH State Referee Committee
ATTN:  John Breda
497 Hooksett Rd, #136
Manchester, NH 03104

It may take up to 6-8 weeks to receive your badge as the mailbox is not regularly checked.  The NH SRC is not responsible for misaddressed envelopes in which badges are sent out.

Can I referee if I have not received my badge or lost it?

Yes.  As long as you have an electronic copy of your license and it is valid, you can referee even if you do not have a badge.

I lost my referee badge; how can I get a replacement?

Replacement badges are only available directly from US Soccer. (


When do I have to submit a USSF Game Report and to whom?

When do I have to submit a USSF Game Report and to whom?

As a US Soccer Referee, you are required to fill out and submit a game report whenever you have one of the following incidents in your game:

  • Caution (yellow card) or send off (red card) a player or team official
  • Serious injury (generally if a player does not return to the game)
  • Any other incident that should be brought to the attention of the SRA involving the game, teams, team officials or referee team.

You can find USSF Game and Supplemental Reports here.  In all reports clearly state the facts associated with the incident including time, location, names of those involved, incident and action you took.  Completed forms must be submitted electronically to the SRA ( and the league assignor.

I am a Grassroots Referee; do I need additional training to referee a futsal match?

Yes, futsal is an exciting version of indoor soccer, the rules are very different from outdoor soccer and US Soccer requires a different license. You must take the futsal class, pay a futsal registration fee and you will receive a futsal badge.

US Soccer Learning Center

Where do I find the FAQ on the US Soccer Learning Center?

Where do I find the FAQ on the US Soccer Learning Center?

As a US Soccer Referee, you are required to register / recertify with US Soccer.  This process is done through the US Soccer Learning Center.  Often times, simple questions will arise and to find answers to these questions can be found at the US Learning Center FAQ Section.


Should you be unable to find an answer to your question, reach out the the SDI ( and please provide specific details relating to the issue at hand.