The following minimum criteria must be met in order to become a mentor:

Experience – At least 5 years of referee experience

Observed or Assessed
– At least 2 times within the past 5 years

– Willingness to mentor at least 10 games a year

– Willingness to mentor new referees during class and field sessions

Understand that mentor and coach opportunities will be limited if an individual is still an active referee.

It is current policy that mentors and coaches are not allowed to work in leagues in which they still referee nor provide feedback to referees with whom they have worked in the past year.  If you still plan on actively refereeing in many leagues, you should wait to become licensed as a mentor.

Mentor classes take the place of both former instructor and assessor classes.

They are approximately 16 hours and include classroom sessions combined with practical instructional and observational time. Courses will not be offered regularly.  Approval to take a mentor course must be approved by the SDA and may be denied without reason.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor…

Please contact the SDA for more information.