Fall 2023 Important Information and Reminders

A few reminders now the 2023 fall soccer season has kicked off. 


US Soccer Referee game reports must be sent to the State Referee Administrator (sra@nhreferee.org) and the appropriate league contact. This applies to both youth and adult games. If you do not know the league contact reach out to your assignor for assistance. Just a reminder this is part of your responsibility as a licensed US Soccer Referee. 

As a reminder, reports should be completed and submitted for the following:

·    Serious Injuries – if any question on an injury complete the report

·    Cautions (yellow cards) – this includes for coaches

·    Send-Offs (red cards) – this includes for coaches

·    Other significant events – delay/cancellation due to weather, referee abuse or assault, field invasion, game abandoned for any reason, etc.   If not sure, submit the incident on a report.

Submitting these reports is very important and part of your responsibility as a referee. Also filling out the report online via assigning platform DOES NOT fulfill your duties. It needs to be sent to the SRA and league contact as well. Without this information, incidents such as referee abuse or assault cannot be addressed by the various organizations. Your job as a referee is not done until the paperwork has been submitted to all required individuals. 


If you are injured or sick, please do what is best for you as individual as well as for the players and turn back games. Similarly, if you are injured or become ill during a game, stop the game and have one of your Assistant Referees (if available) take over as the referee for the game.  

While trying to “gut it out” seems like the right thing, injuring yourself further does not help your long-term health. Not being able to give the players 100% is not right for you or the game. It could potentially lead to unsafe playing environment as well. 

Of course, it is important you communicate with your assignor when these situations occur.  Assignors understand no one plans to be injured or sick however things happen in life. Your long-term health is more important than a single game. Get rested and recovered in these situations.


For those who have not completed 2024 License recertification, now is the time to get this done so you are ready to go when 2024 rolls around. As with the last couple of years, the recertification process is 100% online in the US Soccer Learning Center (https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee). Take a few minutes now to complete this important item. If you obtained your license in the 2023 summer First Time Referee training you are all set for 2024.  

If any questions, please reach out anytime.